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We are proud to be able to introduce world`s fastest tabletop dishwasher – Bob – available now also in Finland!

This unique model is designed and made in France, which shows in it`s beauty and features. Bob is super silent and compactly sized, which makes it perfect little helper to every household. Take a closer look at this handsome friend, but be aware…you might fall in love instantly.

Fasten your seatbelt and enter here: Welcome to Bob`s world


Traditional German household brand Bomann Gmbh was established already back in 1885 and in Finland brand is very well known for it`s wide range of ventilators and air conditioners.

Current nationwide hit product has been elegant design tablediswasher which does not require fixed water connection at all.

Take a closer look at this innovative novelty: Bomann TSG5701 – perfect little helper

Family owned respected Clatronic company was established 1982 in Kempen, Germany and has been growing ever since. Brand was chosen as The Best Household Brand in Germany by Focus Money magazine in 2019.

In Finland brand`s high quality ventilators, aircoolers and airconditioners have been largely sold for many years at the summer times. Get your aid for hot summer days now: Cool me up!

Over 10 000 000 sold mobiles!

European Maxcom is focused on big button easy to use comfort mobiles and especially brand`s innovative model MM735BB with separate splash proof SOS-bracelet has been very successful in Finnish market. Range covers various different models with big buttons and in most of them you can find the life saving SOS-button.

Maxcom has been awarded with various prestigious awards:

Forbes Diamonds

Maxcom among the fastest growing companies in Poland five times!

Business Gazelles

Maxcom among the most dynamically developing companies fifteen times

European Medal

Maxcom twice with the prestigious recommendation of the European Economic and Social Committee

Ambassador of the Polish Economy

Maxcom is the winner of the competition in the Exporter category

Golden Bell

Maxcom is a laureate of a prestigious competition in the new technologies industry

You can find our Maxcom range here: Maxcom mobiles

We are proud to introduce global market leader Omron`s  high quality healthcare products via our popular Eshop.

Omron is the most recommended healthcare brand among doctors all over the world and that is why brand`s bloodpressuremeters and thermometers are commonly used in hospitals.

In Finland Omron M3 Intellisense bloodpressuremeter was chosen as testwinner at respected Tekniikan Maailma magazine!

Check our wide range here: Omron is good for your health

Oral-B toothbrush brand was invented and patented in California USA back in 1950 by Dr. Robert W. Hutson and is now the leading brand in electrical toothbrushes and is also the most recommended brand by professional dentists all over the world.

Our range of Oral-B products vary on monthly basis and current offerings can be found from our Eshop: Oral-B products

Legendary Salora brand is now available via our popular Eshop.

The absolute hit product has been innovative Salora tabledishwasher which does not require fixed waterconnection. This gorgeous model was praised in Tekniikan Maailma Rakennusmaailma magazine with following comments:

* “Salora did very well in our test. It is very handy and works also without fixed waterconnection”.

* “functionable basket for dishes and bright inner lightning”

* “the best drying results compared to other models in test” (vs. Electrolux, Bosch ja Whitewash)

* “very good cleaning results”

Take a look at this very popular novelty: Salora – helps you with the dishes

Japanese brand Sharp invented microwaveovens already in 1960 and now it is time to re-invent the micro technology again – we are proud to introduce the innovative high quality design new micro R360S which has no glassplate at all.

No more unhandy, noisy, easily breakable and tough to keep clean glassplates inside your micro. Only very effective and powerful fixed inner heatingplate which is super easy to keep clean and enables you to use also other than round shaped plates.

Change your way of thinking and feel free to check out our full range here: Sharp micros 2022

TESLA – mystical, innovative and highly praised brand which has taken the world by storm. And now these novelties are also available in Finland.

Modern and powerful cleaning products for every household include latest technology with gorgeous design.

And now…everyone has a chance to get new TESLA in their own home.

We are proud to introduce these beauties for you: TESLA – you just need to have one.